Ellens Gesang III, D. 839, Op. 52, No. 6, 1825

Per sacrum Scapulare filios dilectionis assumpsit, 114

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If a man shave off another's beard let him make amends with twenty shillings. If he bind him first and then shave him like a priest (hine to preoste bescire) let him make amends with sixty shillings. - Law of King Alfred the Great (899)

1. Introduction

All of the below is subject to the peculiarities of your skin sensitivity and hair qualities; the growth rate, the hair strand thickness and toughness of what God gave you.

words do not suffice to capture the extent Mary has done for me.

john adams


martha music

schubert and mozart and beyonce sang in choir.

In a fit of pride i found myself disproving of the good father rick of giving the scapular. It was the haughty tone echoed in the words of the most recent catechsim. Heresies never know they are hereies, and I did not know just how little I knew.

Neri, best to pick one devotion and stick to it.

the first being tong hua and the second being you are my sunshine.

marks dad miracle journal

elias and the cave, elias and the prefigurement of the Holy Eucharist.

simon stock

when men die, they scream for their mothers marc barnes on sleep and pleasure. custers last stand

jesus is stripped of his garments 109

st. alphonsus ligouri 113 quote

to read saint alphonsus glories of mary jourdian's sommes des grandeurs de marie? grignion de montfort. secret of the enclosed Garden.

117 the scapular as the most efficacious relic

list all the testaments

The wind and the seas obey only christ.

121, 122 testament

124 John don Bosco

chapter 11 victory over invisible enemies

128 st john vianny and the girl fr. gabriele amourth, vincent lampert, john ripperger. other books in my library ignore the fact that these same enemies are ours. If we refuse to recongnize our enemies, how can we possibly appreciate our safeguard?

Francis Yepes. The name of Jesus, Mary and the wearing of the Scapular.

My (2) dreams?

Pope Leo XI: Leave me Mary, lest Mary leave me!

133 Our lady to Saint Bridget, and the next page.

finish off by appending my own little testament.

"Whoever desires the fruit must go to the tree; whosoever desires Jesus must go to Mary; and whoever finds Mary will most certainly find Jesus." 146

I know this much: every single glory be that comes from my lips I have Mother Mary to thank. "Love God! and here is my heart with which to love!" (141) The Lord bless you, and keep you.

peirod of deep peace first time praying the rosary before even entering a catholic church.

hammock feeling after scapular

baptism birthday gift.

I know why I had a spiritual dry period. Bible quoate about first love, something I had once known but long since forgotten. St. Augustine quotation about perseverance being given only to those who pray and ask. Cardinal Collins, gentle in ministry, effecient in action, and constant in prayer. In this I have been given graces beyond compare: Mary's garment, the lovely habit. She has been so good to me, I am compelled to trumpet both Mother and Son from this lonely virtual pulprit given me.

distinction that had escaped me just earlier. Ordinary state of investiture, the passive wearing of the Scapular, is a pious act in which perseverance will be ultimately rewarded with victory. (priest baptism analogy). but not the state in which Satan cannot frequently vanquish us. An active realization of the Scapular is a state in which we are affiliated to Mary in moments of temptation and instinctively fly to Her at the first sign of the enemy. 140, devotion of minds (homage), our wills (confidence), and our hearts (love). A deeper more perfect imitation requires a PERFECT devotion, adding to the previous three elements the element of IMITATION.

Something I just realized, when reading the exorcist authors, I experience a heightened realization and awareness, a slight sense of uneasiness, of being watched. Similar to, but more vivid to a horror movie. Believe me, I prefer the long and well trodden (but narrow) road to salvation over a more dangerous cliffside path. But with the Scapular, I am quite my normal phlegmatic self.

138 Saint Gertrude.

142 St. John of the Cross "I desire to practise with fervour all the virtues of Mary which this Holy Habit signifies."