1883 Haydock Douay Rheims Bible

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Hosea 7:11 And Ephraim is become as a dove that is decoyed, not having a heart: they called upon Egypt, they went to the Assyrians.

Decoyed. Hebrew, "stupid," Osee 4:11. The dove is the only bird which is not grieved at the loss of its young. (St. Jerome) --- It returns to the same nest, though repeatedly robbed, forgetting past dangers. (Theodoret) --- Thus Israel is not reclaimed, though idolatry has so often proved its ruin. --- Egypt. Jeroboam had returned thither, and at his return brought about a division of the kingdom, 3 Kings 11:40. Osee, the last king, applied to Sua, and this provoked the Assyrians to destroy the kingdom. They pretended that it was tributary to them, after Phul had been invited to assist Manahem for a thousand talents, 4 Kings 15:19., and 17:4. Thus was a worldly policy confounded.