1883 Haydock Douay Rheims Bible

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Zechariah 10:4 Out of him shall come forth the corner, out of him the pin, out of him the bow of battle, out of him every exactor together.

Corner, to connect the building. The Machabees were not of the tribe of Juda; but it was the chief, and gave name to the rest. Judas was also a figure of Christ, the chief corner-stone, and he should be born of that tribe. --- Pin, to fasten down the tent, or to hang things upon. These comparisons were not deemed mean, 1 Esdras 9:8., and Isaias 22:23. --- Exactor. The term may have a good as well as a bad sense. Taxes must be paid for the support of lawful governments. Judas forced other nations to pay tribute. (Calmet) --- The same term in Ethiopia, means "a king." (De Dieu)